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Transparent Kraków
Project Leader: Jan Niedośpiał

Transparent Kraków – – is a project that aims to make public life in Krakow…. well, as transparent as it can get. It is planned to be a place, where you can check everything about the local government of Krakow. It aims to empower the investigative journalism and civic control.

Our portal is a set of databases, scraped from different public websites and delivered to the users in the most searchable and friendly fashion we could come up with.

So far, on you can:

  • check the connections between public officials and business,
  • check declarations of assets,
  • check public procurements and their contractors,
  • see the history of voting for each and every councillor,
  • watch the speeches on the council,
  • follow every council resolution,

Soon we will add :

  • visualization of financial documents, like budget and long-term financial forecast
  • zoning plans.
  • information about the elections – the election promises and how the councillors respected the election code during their campaign.
  • Information about tax exemptions
  • donnors for the election campaign
  • information from district councills

We also plan to add the interest tag and make a portal a bit more interactive by allowing the citizens to vote for the projects of the local law. By doing that we hope to empower Krakow citizens and let them have some more influence on local politics.

The project is financed within the Citizens for Democracy Programme financed by the EEA Funds, therefore it will not competit for the Jury prize at this hackathon. Still, we want to be in Gdańsk to do some work and share experience.


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