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Bosnian Election Data Portal
Project Leader:

Bosnia and Herzegovina has one of the most difficult political systems in the world and it’s not easy to understand country’s voting system either. This short clip tries to explain it a bit:  

Our project aims at developing an open data portal that will also show results of all the elections in Bosnia from year 2000 and help voters understand the context and the weight of their vote.

In August 2014 we gathered 10 civic tech experts and we developed a strong foundation of the website and the database. More about this gathering is reported here on the School of Data blog. But we still need your help to develop a few functionalities!

Please, check our technical info on GitHub and let us know if you can help.

Who are we:  The NGO ‘Zasto Ne’ (‘Why Not’) is an organization that deals with the construction of safe, healthy, active, efficient and responsible BiH society as a whole, both in terms of the authorities as in terms of civil society and citizens, all of which together with other civil society organizations, institutions and individuals.

Check our actions: and help us by coding with us in Gdańsk some new fewtures for the platform we are creating.

  1. Hey, we are coming and saw your project. I don’t know if our ideas are compatible, but we should sit together as we have been working on Georgian election data for some time. Hope to see y’all soon.


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