code for freedom

27-28 september, gdansk

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The framework of this hackathon is:

1. Projects are welcome at any stage – from very initial to nearly finished.
We know that two days is usually not enough to go from an idea into a ready product, but it’s a unique occasion to meet with mentors from different countries, who can help you to move forward with whatever you need. You will have space for planning, discussing with others and exchanging experience ,and also time for working without distractions.

2. The topic of this hackathone is freedom, solidarity, and democracy.
Freedom has two aspects. First of all you can be FREE FROM from abuse, oppression, censorship etc Than, you can be FREE TO realise your potential and needs. No matter what is the current status of democracy in your country, you can always work to improve it. Possible topics for projects include (yet are not limited to):

  • empowering human rights;
  • overcoming censorship;
  • humanitarian disaster response;
  • life loss reduction in the underprivileged regions of the world;
  • government transparency and accountability;
  • parliamentary monitoring and legislative openess;
  • quality of public services;
  • opening and re-use of public data, visualisations and services based on it;
  • empowering citizens;
  • supporting civic engagement and participation;
  • … and whatever YOU find important.

You are free to interpret the topic of the hackathon as you wish, as long as your project does not violate the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

3. The Jury will evaluate the projects in 3 aspects:

  • usefulness for social good;
  • relevance to the topics of freedom, solidarity, and democracy;
  • realistic cost (financial/time) of development.

4. Awards: 4.000 USD = 12.000 zł

The total award pool is 4.000 USD. The Jury will decide how to divide it with the aim to invest in the development of the projects presented at the hackathon.  Initialy we plan: 2000 USD for one project and 1000 USD for two more projects. The leaders of the winning projects will be asked to sign an agreement with the Lech Wałęsa Institute defining for what purpose the money will be spent. The money will be managed by the project leaders.

5. Travel grants

We can offer a limited number of travel grants and 3 nights accommodation at a hotel or hostel in Gdańsk. We do it because we want to support those who can contribute to the aims of the event -have skills and motivation for it. The decisions about distribution of travel grants will be taken by the organizers: Lech Wałęsa Institute, ePaństwo Foundation and Teplitsa – we will evaluate each case individually on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

6. Registration via Evenea

We will apreciate a lot if you register already now at:
You can register individually or make a group registration (project teams do not need to register togetehr, you can do it individually).
There is a registration fee: 15 złotych (4 USD) -in case that’s an obstacle to your registration let us know and we will help.
We provide free T-shirt, 2 lunches and drinks during the event for all participants :)

You are also welcome to join the event on facebook
nd share on twitter #c4freedom

7. Projects & teams

Everyone is welcome to propose a project to work on during the hackaton.  It’s best to do it now (before the event) via this website. You can always modify it afterwards -just write to and we will update your project description immediatelly. We welcome both complete teams as well as people with idea who need others to join their team. We plan time for exchange of experience and disscussing project proposals at the begginning of the hackathone, so the division of people into teams will take place during the hackathone and it’ll be flexible,  you can come and contribute in various ways.

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