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IQMEL application for the skin protection
Project Leader: Bartosz Galica

IQMEL application for the skin protection

Cutaneous melanoma belongs to the most invasive human malignancy with rapidly rising incidence. The treatment for the early stage disease is relatively successful with surgical removal, that is why a patient has to see the nearest doctor as early as possible.

The most important issue is to prevent from too long exposure to UV light. IQMEL beach assistant function will help you to evaluate how long you can expose your skin to the sun or UV lamps. Through analyzing online weather reports IQMEL will advise you what kind of sun protection cream to use.

The IQMEL application for smartphones will lead the potential patient to the doctor through picture identification of the skin lesions. The user will have the opportunity to identify how the skin lesions change in time. Through user location function IQMEL will allow to set a visit with nearest doctor.

There are approx. 180,000 new melanoma cases in the developed world, with approx. 15 % presenting with advanced disease.

IQMEL will be a strong educational tool that will help the user to identify all threats concerned with his particular skin tone that determines how long it can be exposed to the sun.

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