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Project Leader: Andrei Petcu

Tribunal is a working name for the Romanian project ‘Onorată Instanță’ (‘Your Honour’). That’s a project that aims to bring transparency and accountability in the Romanian justice system. Citizens, judges and people working in the justice ministry can view various performance indicators of Romanian courts rendered in beautiful infografics. The project is free software and we hope we can reuse it in other countries. Tribunal came into existence as a collaboration between two Romanian NGOs Fundația Ceata and Funky Citizens.

We already started working on this project but it is in a alpha stage. We will release to the public on 17th of September.  But we plan to add lots of infographics, search, filter and all sorts of stuff so it will bring value to the users. You can see what we have now here. Please keep in mind that the project is not yet ready so you might experience problems. You can check out the source code here.

I am interested in finding other people who want to implement similar projects in their countries. Their data might vary and I want to know if we can make it so that other people can use it for their own data.

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