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Digital anti-corruption platform
Project Leader: Iulii Selianko

The goal of the project is to strengthen the research and monitoring capacity of the Ukrainian media (investigative journalists).


We plant to develop an anti-corruption platform. The platform will include 2-3 digital apps that reinforce the investigative journalists in their fight against corruption. Here is an idea for the first app that needs to be set up:


Tool 1: Anti-corruption reporting tool. The tool’s functionality from the beneficiaries’ perspective:

1.     A citizen that happened to witness a case of corruption requires a way to report evidences of corruption to the investigative journalists via secure environment.

2.     Specially developed tool provides anonymous, censorship-resistant reporting mechanism to protect the identity of the citizen-reporter, the journalists and the service providers.

3.     The reported information flows via the platform to the professional investigative journalists with trustful reputation (the tool allows to choose among the list of journalists).

4.     The journalists assess the reports and investigate the case of corruption.

5.     Publication and legal procedures follow.

6.     The journalists reports regularly on the platform on the investigation success.

7.     Investigative reports written in the framework of the project are circulated among the state anti-corruption institutions.


Online presentation explains the process in short

During the Hackathon we also hope to get inspiration for the other possible apps that can be integrated into our platform.

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