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Parliamentary Monitoring for Transparency Advocacy
Project Leader: Michal Skop

Citizens in Visegrad+ countries are subjected to mostly fragmented, decontextualized or biased information on everyday legislative process and activities of their MPs produced by media and political representatives. Therefore, citizens have only a limited ability to evaluate their MPs performance and hold them accountable. In order to increase transparency of the parliaments and accountability of elected representatives, we propose to develop what we call a Parliamentary Monitoring Software Platform. There is a number of Parliamentary Monitoring Websites so in our project we focused strongly on standarization of all the data (see and re-use of data. Robust API for all involved countries (Serbia, Macedonia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Repulic, Slovakia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegowina) will be the base to create apps and embeddable widgets on top of it. We hope that the hackathon will lead us to more useful widgets and apps ideas as we gather experiences of other watch-dog organization and citizens among various countries.

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