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Stirna – who owns media?
Project Leader: Ingrida Palaimaitė, developer: Viktor Miletskyi

Project Leader:
„Transparency International“ Lithuanian Chapter is a non-governmental non-for-profit organisation that promotes transparency, accountability and anti-corruption initiatives in Lithuania and abroad.


Project description:
Don’t we sometimes think that ‘someone’ is behind the media articles we read? It is not shocking that media can be ‘bought’ in many countries around the world. But how do you really know who is behind the media you read? To answer this question we took the media ownership data and created a tool that allows Lithuanians to quickly and conveniently find out who owns online portals, newspapers, TV & radio stations and news agencies in Lithuania since 1996. Not only that – it also allows for accessing visualized networks of how media and business are interlinked in Lithuania. See it yourself


Without open data being available it took us 10 months scraping the data from public authorities’ websites and actually re-typing it from printed reports of Radio and Television Commission to get the data ready to re-use.


What‘s next?
In Lithuania the tool received high traffic numbers – more than 20 thousand Internet users have already visited our site. This effectively means that Lithuanians now have a starting point of reference when reading the media with a critical eye. As our audience is increasing, we want more! We have a couple of ideas how to improve it and we want to put them in practice in order to make this tool even more user-friendly. We also encourage anyone interested to take our code and replicate the tool in their own countries!

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