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Project Leader: Svetlana Shuranova


This project is focusing on attracting public attention to citizens’ right to free access to information in Russian archives. We want to generate models that contain step-by-step recommendations for a would-be user of archive, depending on peculiarities of the inquiry, and offer people some advise about working in archives.

The issue

The practice of archive’s use is small and not presented to would-be users well, including the access to the evidence about the relatives who were affected by the mass repressions in Joseph’s Stalin’s era. The value of these documents that one can access, hold in their hands, learn and then spread the information about the faith of their relatives, is not clear for our target audience.

We want to:

develop educational campaign that would consist of the landing page that would host a web-documentary, postcards, banners, info graphics for offline campaign that will promote the value of archive research and free access to such information.

The context:

The policy of non-transparency in Russia today. Fear of repressions as Soviet heritage, the denial of historical memory, classified data as as tool for the manipulation of the public opinion.

Our target audience:

From 9-graders, who are currently studying the history of Soviet Russia to the people who were born in 1930s and possibly witnessed their parents’ arrest. Everybody across the world, whose relatives were based in USSR between 1917 and 1960.

What we need:

designer and programmer to provide digital tools for our campaign, help us develop the web-documentary platform and design postcards and banners.

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