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27-28 september, gdansk

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Project Leader: Martyna Adamczak & Magdalena Abraham

„Not in My Backyard” is a derogatory term describing groups who express their opposition against construction projects that may affect the comfort of living in a given neighbourhood. It is not only an airport or a landfill site that may pose a problem. The main problem is the urban planning regime under which developers are allowed to erect buildings without considering for a second any social, cultural or landscape-related contexts, with priority being given to the neoliberal concept of ownership. We strongly believe that every citizen, every city resident and every future user should be entitled to co-decide on what surrounds them. will be a database created by city residents and it will be used to share information on planned investments, in particular those sparkling controversy. We want to create a platform for communication and a zone for negotiations between investors and local communities because we deeply believe that any investment with local contexts incorporated in its design proves more efficient, functional and – consequently – more viable.

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